The most awaited shooting game-Far Cry New Dawn

Far Cry New Dawn is a new upcoming shooting game in the first person perspective which has been developed by the famous Ubisoft Montreal. This is the successive series of Far Cry and it will be released on 15th of February 2019. The platforms where this game is compatible are PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

Far Cry New Dawn

Playing it (Thoughts)
This is an adventurous action shooting game which has been set in the open world atmosphere where everyone is getting the opportunity of exploring freely by using their feet or through various vehicles. The game is set in Hope Country which is completely fictional. All the players will be playing as new characters where you can easily customize their race and gender.

For combat assistance, animals and human survival are also recruited. All the character of the player will be encountering different specialist having personal missions, story, special abilities and will also help the players for repairing the weapons when needed. So players will be embarking their treasure hunts along with liberating different enemy outposts and encampments.


  • Here in this series of Far Cry: New Dawn you will be stepping into the brand new shoes of a new character. All the players will be recruiting some specialist for rebuilding several things.
  • In this game of Far Cry: New Dawn you will be experiencing expeditions which are newly introduced. They are also known as the “away missions” as well, as all the players will be visiting separate locations throughout the U.S by taking a helicopter.
  • The system of weapons has been entirely changed in this series. You can only find the signature weapons and they are not like those conventional modern firearms. One cannot modify the weapon, but can definitely level it up by unlocking the new versions of it and replacing it.


  • Joseph Seed: Joseph Seed, the antagonist or we can say The Father of the Far Cry 5. He is known as the ruthless megalomaniac. He is the leader and the founder of Hope Country which is particularly for the extremist religious organization for terrorist. After nuclear Apocalypse, he was the one who has created the organization of successor religion that is The New Eden.
  • Hurk: If you have played the series of Far Cry then you can encounter this character in the Far Cry 3, Far Cry 4 along with Far Cry 5. His appearance in this game will be through several exclusive contents like monkey business. He was the first who found a monkey who has been strapped with the explosive for blowing something. He then detonated the bomb and helped the monkey to survive by taking off the vest.

Why it is the best?

If you have played the past few series of Far Cry then you can understand how amazing this gaming series is and why people are so much anticipating for the upcoming series of Far Cry New Dawn. So you will be fighting your battle in the Hope Country after the collapse or nuclear exchange. The entire storyline is so engaging that it will make you feel that you’re actually in a real-time gaming.

So just after the release you can definitely opt for this game and explore the entire Hope Country with your vehicle or on foot and fight different enemies.