Some of the Best GTA 5 Mods to Try Out

GTA 5 modsAre you a GTA 5 lover? Would you like to enhance your gameplay using some unofficial mods? Well, if this is what you are looking for then we have a perfect list of best Grand Theft Auto V mods to try out. These mods are unofficial. Therefore, trying out these cheats may mess up your game. So, we recommend you to create a backup of your game before trying them. Let us make another thing clear. The developers of this game allow users to try out the addons in offline mode. However, you should NEVER try these ones online otherwise your online account and progress will be terminated right away.

The Red House:

Do you feel that GTA 5 lacks the excitement and number of levels is somewhat less? Well, if you feel this way then The Red House mod is tailor made for you. This tool not only adds new 20 exciting levels in the game but also allow you to play a complete three-level heist.

Army at Five Stars:

Have you played the previous parts of Grand Theft Auto V? In earlier parts of the game, the moment you reach the maximum wanted level army will pursue the chase to take you down. However, this is not the case in this serial. We know you feel disappointed! But not anymore! The new Army at Five Star mod will bring back the army to chase as soon as you reach the maximum level of most wanted one here.

Car Jetpacks:

This addon will fulfill your childhood dream of flying car. When you install and activate this mod, it will give you the option to activate the jetpack for your vehicle. So, by only enabling it, you will be able to have flying cars in the game.

Customized Number Plates:

Getting a customized number plate in real life can cost you a lot. So, why don’t install this latest mod and customize the number plates of your vehicle while playing. Simple, easy and will cost you nothing!

Police Mod Script:

With this new cheat, the game is not all about being a gangster. Install this mod and be the part of police. Once installed, this one will give you the authority to spawn any vehicle and even a loyal partner to help you out through tough chases and shoot outs.

Do try these GTA 5 mods and share your experience with us!