Some of the Best GTA 5 Mods to Try Out

GTA 5 modsAre you a GTA 5 lover? Would you like to enhance your gameplay using some unofficial mods? Well, if this is what you are looking for then we have a perfect list of best Grand Theft Auto V mods to try out. These mods are unofficial. Therefore, trying out these cheats may mess up your game. So, we recommend you to create a backup of your game before trying them. Let us make another thing clear. The developers of this game allow users to try out the addons in offline mode. However, you should NEVER try these ones online otherwise your online account and progress will be terminated right away.

The Red House:

Do you feel that GTA 5 lacks the excitement and number of levels is somewhat less? Well, if you feel this way then The Red House mod is tailor made for you. This tool not only adds new 20 exciting levels in the game but also allow you to play a complete three-level heist.

Army at Five Stars:

Have you played the previous parts of Grand Theft Auto V? In earlier parts of the game, the moment you reach the maximum wanted level army will pursue the chase to take you down. However, this is not the case in this serial. We know you feel disappointed! But not anymore! The new Army at Five Star mod will bring back the army to chase as soon as you reach the maximum level of most wanted one here. Continue reading

PS3 Emulator for Android, iOS, PC and Mac is Finished!

One great new which came into gaming world today is that developers of PS3 Emulator supported for Android, iOS, PC and Mac devices made it working! (Says the GameSpot community).
This is astonishingly to hear. From now one gamers will have a chance to continuously play their favorite SONY PlayStation 3 console games on smartphones or tablets. I mean in move, because you don’t have to be tied in your house with console anymore. Playing games while you’re mobile at any place is a new trend in modern world we’re all living in.

PS3 Emulator Apk

Resistance 3 gameplay screenshot

Developers of this app were very creative when it comes to optimizing user device specifications of hardware to emulate PS3 games. Because there are plenty of Android devices from weaker to beast ones when it comes to hardware power, creators of this program made it to automatically adapt itself to a device where it has been installed to. So if you have some older mobile phone like lets say Samsung Galaxy S4 the Continue reading

Fry Cry Primal Review

Far Cry Primal CoverHere comes yet another exciting addition to Far Cry game series. The new Far Cry Primal is different from other parts of this game series, but it offers the same excitement and fun factor to players. In this new series of Far Cry, the whole setup is changed we are now in 10,000 BC, and the main character of the game is looking out for the lost members of his tribe. They are spread across different areas and to find them out becomes a hard task for Takkar.

You will have to go through the dense forests, frozen caves, swamps and fight against ferocious beasts and animals to find the lost members of your tribe. While you are on your way to find the lost members and set up the tribe from the square one, you come across members of different tribes. There are three different tribes, and the dynamics of the games is such that there is a conflict between the tribes because of social and political issues.

So, you will not only fight against other tribes but also with nature. On your way through forests, caves and swamps you will come across different animals. The excitement factor is added by the day and night factor. At night, these animals become more vicious, and it gets hard to fight against them. One interesting thing in this game is that you have the Beast Master skill tree. You can use it to tame and train the animals. Once you have trained the animals you can use them to hunt, kill or fight for you. The best of the lot is owl. This trained bird flies high in the sky and keep you updated with the upcoming dangers as you travel.

Every animal has its own set of skills. It is important that you learn and master those skills quickly because it will help you in your survival throughout the game. You don’t have a wide range of weapons available. You have very limited available resources, and you have to utilize them to their best to move forward in the game. So, it’s important to master every new skill in least possible time.

This game was first released for console and now it is available for PC. (But for PlayStation 4 as well! Read Metacritic’s rating) We really liked this game and felt that PC version is better than it console’s version in term of gameplay and graphics.